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While many investors are puzzled in front of a maze of options, we provide our buyers with guaranteed and fixed return.


> ZFDI(developer) sells unit to individual buyers;

Buyers enter into JOINT VENTURE AGREEMENT with GOLDEN PHOENIX (operator) who operates the units as 4-star standard hotel;

Hotel operator grants fixed monthly return to individual buyers.



Hotel Units are located at 2nd to 7th floor, surrounding the inner area which will be utilized as restaurant space at 2nd floor and parking area at 3rd floor and above. With high-end facilities and managements talents, it is targeted as 4-star standard full-service hotel.

HOTEL INTRO(3)(酒店简介-3


How to stand out from the commondizing hotel market? Design of masterpiece is among the many efforts.

BUJI-ROYAL is one of the top architectural &design brand in south-east Asia. DISCOVERY SHORES in Boracay, AMORITA BEACH RESORT in Bohol, M HOTEL in Quezon city, THE REEF in Cebu and many other developments have proved their talents.

World-Class interior designer and architect by: Budji Layug + Royal Pineda Design Architects

Developments have proved their talents.



Golden Phoenix is the owner and operator of Golden Phoenix Hotel (Boracay), AA Lodge Amboseli(Kenya) and several hotel properties in Kenya which are still under construction.

Golden Phoenix Hotel is located at Station 3 of Boracay, with 126 rooms and floor area of 6,000sqm; Since its operation, average room occupancy rate stays at 90% and guests satisfaction rate is above average level.

AA Lodge Amboseli (Kenya) is located in the Renowned Amboseli National Park, featuring tent living experience and a close touch to the wildness of Africa. It is part of Zhongfa’s hotel chain in Kenya, with more hotel properties under construction.


Demand & Supply-1

Envisioned to be  Las Vegas-like gaming and entertainment destination, this area is spotted as investment destination as well. What was on the blueprint a few years back has already become reality.


Demand & Supply-2

According to Department of Tourism, this Entertainment City alone is expected to attract 1 million tourists annually.





A steadily growing economy is the basic condition of wise and prudent investment decision.


Standard&Poor’s, Fitching Ratings ranked the country “investment grade” in 2013.

Centre for Economics and Business Research (London) :

“We forecast that the Philippines will rise gradually from 42nd position in 2012 to 28th in 2028,”

HSBC: the economy is expected to be the 16th lagest economy by year 2050.

Property itself appreciates rapidly.

1. Rapidly growing Philippines economy.

From 2002 to 2012 the average annual GDP growth rate of the Philippines was 5%.  GDP rose by 7.8% in 1st quarter of 2013,  even higher than China (expected 7.7%).

2. Lower property prices.

Property prices in the Philippines are one of the lowest in Asia, up to 80% lower than Singapore for premier city centre properties (US$2,807 per sqm versus $16,350)

3. Booming BPO and ITO business.

Growing BPO and ITO business enables talents to earn more and attract more expats, increasing the property demand rapidly.

4. Entertainment City construction is in full swing & demand of hotel  rooms is growing.



>the monthly return is subject to income tax as per Philippines law.
>The property is subject to real property tax (RPT) as per Philippines law.


To supplement the hotel rooms, we allow the residential units to be integrated into the hotel.
Initial fee is  required to purchase necessary FF&E for the unit; besides, the share for residential unit owners is 35% of gross room revenue .

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